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Voice Studio

Rachel not only performs, but she teaches too!   With over 17 years of professional performance experience and a lifetime of training with some of the countries top instructors, Rachel is eager to pass on all her musical knowledge to her own private voice students. 

She believes that the first and most important rule in learning to sing is to be confident and comfortable.  By providing a calming and nurturing environment, Rachel helps the student to achieve this first goal right away. The second goal is to build the proper foundation. Rachel teaches a healthy approach to singing and believes that, with strong technique, one can learn to sing nearly any genre in a healthy way. To find out more about Rachel's teaching style, visit the contact page or the e-mail icon below.

Rates and accommodations:

Rachel currently teaches in her Northampton, MA home studio.  Private lessons are $60/hr.

Are you a dancer or actor looking to add those singer chorus calls to your schedule? 
Rachel specializes in working with people like you. Get in touch to take that first step toward broadening your skill set!

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